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Nanogen, Inc.


Nanogen's advanced diagnostics provide researchers, healthcare professionals and patients worldwide with improved methods and tests to investigate, predict, diagnose and ultimately help treat disease. The availability of new biomarkers is driving the evolution of medicine. We are utilizing our portfolio of markers and technologies to promote research in and the development of products that will enable diagnostics to provide proactive versus reactive healthcare. We believe diagnostics that bring to light information about genetic and protein biomarkers implicated in disease further the movement towards individualized healthcare.

The demands of the diagnostic and healthcare markets require accurate, specific and reliable tools. We meet our customer’s demands with products and tools that range from single real-time PCR reagents to multiplexed infectious disease and genotyping assays. Our NanoChip® Molecular Biology Workstation and NanoChip® 400 instruments for DNA-based analyses are the next generation of microarray technology that will enable multiplexed assays to be used routinely and cost-effectively in clinical settings. In addition, our line of point-of-care diagnostic tests is sold to customers requiring rapid results at or near the point of patient treatment. This product portfolio and our pioneering research in nanotechnology, which enables the miniaturization and decentralization of diagnostics – moving from the central lab to point-of-care – is advancing the role of diagnostics in improving healthcare.

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